One of the things that provides our viewers a window into the way an agent or broker works,  is the Detailed Analysis of Featured Properties.

Do they really know their marketplace, and their area of specialty? Can this extra experience or knowledge be a benefit to a buyer or seller looking for representation in that area of specialty?

We researched this, and found that brokers could showcase their expertise and experience by answering the following question.

If you could select only one property in each of our categories, which one would it be and why.

There are two areas where this extra detail may be viewed:

1).  Featured Property Search:  Properties are limited to the one best pick (in each category) by brokers in this area.  There are less properties to view in this area compared to a full MLS Search, but we think you will agree, the Top Picks and Hot Properties is where the action is.   For a full MLS search see MLS Search.

2).  Reviews and Ratings:   In this section of our site, we display properties from the Featured Property Search, and users can see reviews and ratings from the public, and create their own reviews and ratings.  Note: the most detail on the properties is contained in the Featured Property Search area.  The same properties are in both areas.

There are numerous ways to get valuable information from this site.

  • Property search: Hot Featured Properties, Full MLS search, Reviews and Ratings.
  • Broker search: look at a variety of properties to see how different brokers go about listing the details and specifics of the properties.  You may be able to draw conclusions about how they might represent you in buying or selling.  The best way to do this is in the Featured Properties Search area.  (Full MLS listing information is more limited than what brokers provide on 1 Hot Property Featured Properties).
  • Get the public’s viewpoint on Featured Properties.  See ratings and Reviews and create your own.
  • Register (free) to save properties and be notified when new Featured  Properties and standard MLS properties come on to the market.  The best properties move very quickly.  Email notification helps you get there first.
  • Buying: Many top brokers suggest you get pre-qualified, and know fairly precisely what category of property you are interested in.  Once you know what you are in the market for, be ready to move quickly.
  • Selling: Top Brokers recommend that you become familiar with what your property category is actually selling like, in price and number of sales as a percentage of the number of homes on the market in  your category.  Our search functions and Featured Brokers that specialize in a particular market category can be of substantial assistance in this area.