Our goal at 1 Hot Property is to have the best Bend Oregon Real Estate search tools available so you can find everything you need to know when searching for a home. 1 Hot Property offers you the choice of viewing a short list of the hottest listings in popular categories, or a full MLS search of all of the current properties for sale listed in your target market. We also give you as much information as possible: photos, details and listing price for each property. It’s simple, easy and designed with the homebuyer in mind.

We have combined all the information that is important to homebuyers so that you can access it easily on 1 Hot Property. Whether you are real estate savvy or just getting started, we provide the most relevant information possible. You can always use 1 Hot Property’s website to find information without any pressure or cost.

Ratings and Reviews

View the ratings and reviews of featured properties made by visitors and members. 


When you are ready to tour homes and start the buying process, 1 Hot Property offers you choices in the selection of an Agent. Our detailed property analysis on Featured Hot Properties, allows you to see a more personal detailed analysis of the property than most other sites or the standard MLS format. This process allows you to see into the way each agent analyzes property and the real estate market in your area of interest. The second option is that we can match you to one of our Featured Professional Agents.

We strongly believe that every buyer deserves to go through a purchase hassle-free, which means avoiding the many bad and unresponsive agents that are out there. At 1 Hot Property, our agent network is by invitation-only, meaning we hand pick only the best local agents to join. These are agents whose knowledge, transaction experience, and responsiveness put them in the top of their field and we are passionate about putting you in touch with one.

Whether you are a first time home buyer looking for the right house or a seasoned investor buying in a new market, we have an agent whose expertise will be a great match! Based on information you tell us, we will have an agent get back to you right away who is responsive, knowledgeable and ready to work for you. We also have a ranking system based on client feedback that makes sure that when you use an agent that is from the 1 Hot Property Network, you will have a great buying experience from start to finish.