Our most popular and unique feature is Broker Match.  Our viewers have told us that what sets us apart, and what they find most valuable, is our focus on the professional skills of  member agents and brokers.

When you are making the selection of an agent or broker to work with you, many people focus on the recommendations of friends,  someone they know, or have been introduced to.  In those situations it is difficult to really review and compare those agents’ backgrounds, qualifications, and expertise in the specific area you are interested in.  1 Hot Property helps you select an agent or broker who is specially skilled and/or experienced in factors that will really make a difference to you.

Viewers find the Detailed Analysis of Featured Properties , the in depth view of our Featured Agents and Brokers, and the  Detailed Professional  Biographies of our brokers,  are most helpful in choosing an agent or broker to work with.

1 Hot Property also offers a unique feature, which is Broker Match.  We have selected a number of key market and area segments in order to create 1 Hot Property Categories.   We reviewed our member agents and brokers to see just who has the most complete combination of talents,  skills and knowledge to fit those Categories.

1 Hot Property interviews and selects only top brokers with proven track records of results.

Simply fill out the short Sign Up check list and detail the  Neighborhood, City, County, Price range and Property type you are interested in, and we will provide you with a Broker Match.

There is no obligation to use the agent or broker, however our customers have found that the Broker Match feature has provided them with outstanding results.

The Sign Up option also allows you to subscribe to our email updates for properties or property types that you select.  You may choose to be notified instantly when new listings hit the market which may provide you the edge you and your agent or broker need to obtain the property you desire.  New listings and sold properties  information is also very helpful in assisting you in evaluating your competition if you are placing a property on the market or have a property on the market.