If you are a professional Central Oregon real estate broker who desires to connect with new potential clients, or expose your best listings to quality purchasers, we invite you to talk to us about having your top listings featured on 1 Hot Property.

1 Hot Property featured listings should be your top listing in one or all of our popular categories of Central Oregon real estate. Each submitted property is required to be accompanied by an in depth analysis of why this particular property is your best pick for the category. We provide you with an analysis format to be filled in. We review the analysis, your bio, perform reference checks, and your customer satisfaction aptitude.

Brokers with track records of working hard for their clients and willing to go to the extra effort to analyze and present their clients properties may be included on our 1 Hot Property network of Featured Brokers Roster.

Our retail web public is encouraged to review your hot property analysis, view the property, make comments on the property, review and discuss the analysis of member brokers, and to rate and review featured properties.

We encourage our web public to register, for access to exclusive content, and during that process we include them in our real estate leads database if they are interested in being contacted by one of our network of selected brokers.  At multiple points in our site, potential clients are exposed to contact tools to express their interest in a particular property or broker or to have 1 Hot Property distribute their contact information to one of our Featured Brokers.


Research Data from leading marketing and retail consulting companies says that Reviews with pro’s and con’s are essential for two out of three buyers in their decision making process.  Manufacturers and sales representatives information is scored much lower on buyers responses as being influential to the purchase decision.

1 Hot Property offers a unique proprietary method for Brokers and Real Estate related services to expose their properties and services to buyers in our Reviews and Ratings area for Featured Properties.

Local Marketing and Advertising:

1 Hot Property is unique in that it provides local advertising and promotion,  in a market where national lead producing sites have limited or no presence.

Track lead behavior and search history:

Each  registered lead leaves a history of properties viewed, saved, and searches performed.  Member brokers that are assigned a specific lead can use this information to understand registered visitors site use, and to suggest specific properties that they might have overlooked.  This provides a member broker several ways to create contacts with the lead that are more personal, targeted and effective, resulting in a higher conversion rate, and a more satisfied customer.

Broker Fees and pricing:

The site is free of charge to the retail web public.  For Brokers there are three areas of opportunity.
1).  Featured Properties sales that are a  result of exposure by 1 Hot Property.
2).  A closing that is the result of a lead provided by 1 Hot Property.
3).  Advertising: Display advertising. (Optional)

All paid at closing except for 3). Display advertising.   Please contact us for a display ad rate sheet.

There  is a small one time fee for submission of listings, for entry of  your featured property images and text,  Featured Property sales,  have a 30/60/90 plus day tiered fee schedule.  For leads that result in a closing a referral fee is paid at closing  (contact us for pricing) .

No Risk Formula:

Our payment structure for Brokers is based upon a closing, with a single minimal up front fee for data entry.  Return on Investment analysis in advertising is difficult to achieve with up front paid campaigns.  With 1 Hot Property, you know immediately if a lead has developed from our site and can easily track the effectiveness of your participation in our real estate portal.  There are no charges for leads delivered, your fees are paid at closing only for completed transactions.

That’s It.

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