About 1 Hot Property

1 Hot Property is a real estate web portal, featuring the top agent’s, one best hot property pick, in popular categories.  Our goal is to offer an alternative to the multitude of sites that offer volume, but few ways to differentiate properties and agents.

There is no shortage of properties or agents or real estate companies in our marketplace, or sites that promote agent’s advertising and listings.  Some of these sites move agents advertising to the top of their promotion list, for the highest fee, others provide your contact information to agents based upon a formula that is primarily for the benefit of the site.

The question we asked ourselves, was how many sites and companies then truly put the needs of the client first.  What tools could we design and offer to allow clients to connect with only the best properties and agents, and allow the client to see into how top agents evaluate the marketplace, properties and client needs, and then how these agents actually perform.

When we are interested in buying or selling, we primarily want to know what the top few percentage of the properties are, their characteristics and price.  We want an agent who knows the marketplace, the trends, and has proven experience in guiding their clients, so that we can feel confident that we have made the best decision possible when selling or purchasing.

If we are looking at properties without an agent, we want to focus our time and energy on the top picks.

If we decide to seek assistance, and become a client of a professional, in the field of real estate, we look to our friends and others we respect for recommendations.  We prefer to work with agents that demonstrate superior skills in the market when they offer buying and selling advice to us.

Our site was designed upon these principals:

  • Putting the client first.
  • Providing insight into how top agents operate.
  • Offering evaluations of agents and properties by other clients like you.
  • Featuring only the top properties for your evaluation, helping you cut through the clutter.

We hope that you agree that 1 Hot Property is a quality addition to your tools, and is beneficial to you the client, as you buy or sell.

We invite you to register with us, for access to premium features including, email notification of new featured hot properties in your area of interest, exclusive notifications of special breaking news, commentaries by noted real estate professionals and industry analysts, and 1 Hot Property charts and graphs showing statistics vital to making informed decisions.