1216 Bryanwood Place, Bend Oregon, 97702.

1 Hot Property: Broker: Bryan Smith
MLS: 28884888


This Property is 2200 sq ft, with a studio apartment above the garage.  Located   near the Mill District.  Designed by local artisan, Bryan Smith in the English Tudor historic reproduction style.  The home features attention to detail throughout.

1 Hot Property: Why is this property in the category of $500,000 to $800,000 your top Pick?

Bryan Smith:  I reviewed the properties in this category, and feel that this particular home has a number of qualities, when combined make it a top pick.

The property is located about a 1/4 mile from the Deschutes river and the Mill District.  The location offers quick access to walking trails, kayaking, dining and entertainment in the Mill District, 1/2 Mile to the Parkway, easy route to Mt. Bachelor.

Location: 8 of 10
Architecture: 9 of 10
Quality of construction: 8 of 10
Landscaping: 8 of 10
Neighborhood: 7 of 10
Interior design: 9 of 10
Kitchen: 10 of 10
Price: 8 of 10

Cons: There are quite a number of quality homes on the market in this price range, creating some other competing choices.  Not a large square footage home, but very well done, and would work well for a small family or family unit without children.  This property is worth seeing and adding to your short list.

Pros: A great property for picky purchasers especially move down in size buyers who want very high quality.

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